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McGill School of Environment

who was involved in the project?
our client | RAMPE
mcgill school of environment
the researchers

what were we trying to accomplish?
community development in Parc Ex

how did we look at the problem?
environmental indicators
soil as an environmental indicators

what were the results of the study?
land one | beaumont
land two | city
land three | wiseman
land four | durocher

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The McGill School of Environment (MSE) opened in 1998 as part of McGill University. It offers several multi-disciplinary degree programs. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) There is also a graduate program where students diploma of Environment.

There are six core courses. One of these courses is the senior level "Environmental Research", where a multi-disciplinary team of student embark on a research project. This project is the result of a semester-long course in Environmental Research.

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